Houston TX Restaurant Equipment Services, Install, Repairs, Consulting


  • FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL - We pride ourselves on having easy to understand, and easy to get along with, respectable service people. When we visit your restaurant for a service repair call we make sure to conduct ourselves professionally while there with your patrons and guests.
  • MAINTENANCE VS REPAIR - This is always the struggle with businesses. What's best for yours? To get on a maintenance contract or pay as you go. Repairing commercial kitchen equipment & appliances can get expensive quickly and given the size of the greater Houston TX area the "pay as it breaks" method can make for some heafty bills because often times the travel time cost for technicians to get parts adds up quickly. 
  • SERVICING ALL MAJOR BRANDS - Viking - Hobart - Baxter - Wolf - Vulcan - Five Star - Traulsen - Blodget - Sub Zero - Hobart - Garland - Berkel - Gaylord - Cleveland and More. Whether it's gas or electric appliances we can take care of all your repairs.
  • LOCATION CONSULTING - If you're looking at locations for a new restaurant it is important you know what you're getting yourself into. There are a lot of codes & considertions that have to be taken into account before you even begin to start build-out. If you sign a lease or purchase you could be setting yourself up for expensive problems. 
  • KITCHEN DESIGN & LAYOUT - When your chef is ready to start they have certain things and machines they need to not only make great cuisine but also be efficient & safe. That's where we come in, we'll come to your restaurant location and draw up and consult which machines can go where, how many, what kind, & coordinate with building safety codes. 


We understand your restaurant is important to you. We do everything we can to be timely & efficient. We can provide a quote for you within the day usually or on the spot.  

Affordable & Cost Conscience

Restaurants work on small margins & each dollar counts, so our rates are fair, and we do our best to keep the invoices low.

Happy Customers

If you're not happy we aren't happy. We will make sure you're pleased, and fix it until you are or your money back.

Important Questions

Having a monthly service agreement is the best way to save money. We can put you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance service agreement so you have us at your disposal without being billed everytime we come out. 

We warranty all of our service and workmanship until it's right. We however can not usually warranty the parts as we do not manufacture them, but we will supply information about the parts makers so you know who the part was purchased from. 

Key differences from large corporate service providers:
* Easy-to-talk to and get in touch with. 
* More Affordable- Since we are a local, small company without all the BIG overhead we can keep our rates & prices lower.
* Reliable - Because we aren't just technicians with a large sub-contract company we have more "skin in the game", so 
we care about your business more. 


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