If you have a restaurant or professional grade commerical kitchen we are they licensed & insurance experts you looking for. 

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We are a fully licensed small business by the state of Texas and Harris County by the city of Houston.


We keep a $2 Million liability insurance policy active at all times so you can rest assured we are covered.                         

  1. KITCHEN LAYOUT DESIGN CONSULTING - If you're opening, or thinking about opening a new restaurant or renovating your current location we offer design & layout consulting services. We will come to your location and meet with your contractor to devise a plan to optimize space, efficiency, safety, productivity and equipment. 
  2. EQUIPMENT & LOCATION CONSULTING - Not 100% sure of what equipment or appliances you're going to need? Don't be embarrassed you're not expected to. That's where we come in. If you're opening a new restaurant, or need a new machine we HIGHLY recommend meeting with a professional such as ourselves first before purchasing or leasing any equipment. Don't sign a lease or buy a property for your restaurant without having us look at it first or it could cost you.
  3. INSTALLATION & BUILD OUT - Opening a new restaurant can be daunting and is definitely time consuming. So let us worry about your kitchen, while you take care of staff & food ordering. In addition to repairs & maintenance, we of course provide full installation of your kitchen machines & appliances. 
  4. REPAIRS - If you've already got a working and open business, or commercial kitchen our technicians are known for fixing just about anything you'd need regardless of the brand or manufacturer all over Houston Texas. If it's a restaurant appliance we can fix it and get it back online. 
  5. MAINTENANCE - How is maintenance different than repairs. Repairs are considered "break - fix". Something goes down, we come in and repair it to working order, bill you and leave. Maintenance is when we come in once or twice a year, maybe more depending on the volume of business your store does and we clean the machines, check, fix, tighten, diagnose, and catch any potential problems BEFORE they happen.
  6. SAFETY TRAINING - So you've spent hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars building a new restaurant, only to risk your new inexperienced employees burn down the entire place. Sounds scary right. No need to sweat it. For a small fee we will come in and show your kitchen crew how to properly use, maintain and, clean each equipment machine appliance (Gas & Electric). If your staff is not careful they too can get hurt and, you get sued, your workers comp insurance could drop you, or you're forced to close. So we highly recommend this. At least for the managers, and owners. 

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Running and maintaining a well ran restaurant or commercial food service kitchen is a team effort. We work with your staff like one of the team. We make it a point to get to know not only your equipment & machines you work with everyday, but also your staff personel. Working together hand in hand with you helps us get better at helping your business do well, and stay profitable. Our day to day, and month to month services vary depending on many factors, but we promise our team will do our best to work well with your team so your restaurant is running in tip top condition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a service / maintenance agreement is the best way to save money. We can put you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance service agreement so you have us at your disposal without being billed everytime we come out. This will ensure your kitchen equipment & appliances are always in tip top condition and never go down.

We warranty all of our service and workmanship until it's right. We however can not usually warranty the parts as we do not manufacture them, but we will supply information about the parts makers so you know who the part was purchased from. We usually give detailed explanation about the work that was performed and parts that were installed as well as where they were purchased from. 

Of course you can, we have many options to choose from to pay your invoices with us. The most common and easy to use are Paypal

We are a small business like you and we are reasonable people. We understand things happen so we can be flexible. However, do not take us for granted please. We will respect you if you respect us. If you're short on an invoice, we will allow it to be paid in installments. If you're very late we will let it go once, maybe twice. After that we will no longer help you or come to your rescue. We expect to be paid for our services just like you do. We too have families and bills. If you're a regular client, or contract client we can put you on an autopay system. If you do not pay an invoice after work has been completed we will file a court order or judgement against your business and take you to court where you'll be required to pay penalties, interest, and attorney's fees so it's best you just pay us when we send you the invoice. 


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