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Steps to A Successful Open



For NEW restaurants the first step is to map our your kitchen equipment budget so you know what you can afford. We will sit with you and discuss your options before you end up buying equipment you don't need and overspending. During our consultation meeting we will help you with optimal layout design. Our years of experience installing new commercial kitchens for new restaurants around Texas gives us invaluable insight to help make sure your staff has perfect work flow. The biggest mistake we see is new restaurant entrepreneurs and chefs do not consult with us prior to their design meetings, and designers, equipment sales reps, and GCs do not know what we know. We go in and out of commercial and restaurant kitchens all day everyday. We know what chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff complain about. So we have first hand knowledge how to ensure your kitchen is most importantly safe, but also runs most efficiently. While at the same time saving you money and time. 


Project Planning

We will meet with your GC (general contractor), property managers, and all safety inspectors to ensure your business is properly permitted, and all safety guidelines are adhered to during the project. We suggest if you consult with us first, we can help you find the right GC who is well versed in building out dining establishments and restaurants. You don't want to hire a general contractor in Houston who is not familiar with the food service industry.  


Equipment Ordering/Purchase

After we have all as a team figured out the optimal design and which equipment/machines you'll want & need the next step is to decide where to get them. Do you want brand new? - Refurbished? Or used? Often times we have or we have access to used but totally functional repaired restaurant grade kitchen appliance equipment that we can install saving you thousands vs buying brand new. Considering statistics say more new restaurants fail within the first year, why buy new and risk your investment. If you are dead set on buying brand new equipment we will tell you which brands we have worked with performing repairs and maintenance history so you know which ones are going to be safe & reliable. We also have relationships with all the reps and distributors so we can place the orders for you and manage the equipment delivery prior to install. 



We like to try to make sure all the restaurant kitchen equipment & machines come in at the right times, vs pieces just showing up randomly and that's why we highly suggest we be involved from the very beginning. This way we can ensure each piece comes in and is accounted for at the time of install or prior to. Most importantly not while other tradesmen are at the location performing their work duties. This ensures the equipment doesn't get damaged, people don't get hurt, people aren't falling all over each other, contractors aren't in the way of delivery crews, and other nightmares can cause delays in opening. 



Now that all the equipment has been accounted for with serial numbers, checked off the list, and so on it is time for us to install. Prior to install your general contractor, electrician, and plumber, will need to make sure the power is on, the gas is on and ready for us to put each piece in its proper place per the layout design we all discussed. This may take a few days or even weeks (depending on the size and scope of the restaurant project). 


Kitchen Staff Equipment Meeting & Orientation

This is where we get all your chefs, line cooks, and managers together to go over how each machine works, how to perform standard regular upkeep (so you keep us from having to come out more than you want), we will go over how to safely use each piece, which parts you touch and don't touch. How to use it each machine properly so you don't shorten its lifespan and keep it working properly for as long as possible.  We want to ensure no one gets hurt and understands how each machine is designed to perform & keep your business running profitably. 


Deployment/ Live Run

The last step is when your full kitchen staff gets to get in there and do a full run of all the food service equipment as if it's a Friday night and you're running at full steam. Here is where we will really test each machine a couple of weeks prior to open (if this is a new restaurant). If this is just an install of a new piece of equipment then this doesn't apply. Here we will make sure each appliance and machine is working as we all expect it should. If you find that something is not working as expected we will be there or come out to do a diagnostic check for free as part of our contract. If it's a new piece of equipment we will work with the manufacture's warranty department to get the issue resolved, and if you're using a refurbished or used appliance we'll service it at a discounted rate for 30 days. 

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